Specialist FAQ’s

Q. What types of specialists are you looking for?

All of them.

While Heart of Australia started predominantly as a cardiology service, we have since expanded our fields of speciality services to also include Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Neurology, Psychology and Respiratory and Sleep medicine. We are always looking for opportunities to expand the specialties we offer to the bush, and deepen our pool of specialists available for clinics.

Q. Are specialists paid for their time?


Heart of Australia believes that people living in rural and regional Australia deserve access to high calibre, professional specialists and that this should not be subject to the availability of volunteers. By remunerating specialists appropriately, we can ensure the ongoing viability of our workforce and the program, while also recognising that by going out for our clinics it requires the specialists to take time away from their home and families.

Q. How many days do you need to work?

You can offer to work as few as two days per quarter or more if possible.

Our specialists have a broad range of professional, personal and family responsibilities that can change throughout their time working for us. While we love it when specialists can have a significant amount of availability, the program does allow specialists to be able to scale up and down their work for us as their schedules and commitments change. We ask our specialists to make themselves available for at least 2 days per quarter, to conduct clinics with a level of regularity on both weekends and weekdays. With our routes expanding, now is the perfect time to contact us to find out more.

Q. Does Heart of Australia handle the travel arrangements and patient admin?


Heart of Australia handles all the travel arrangements including the bookings of flights and accommodation and arranging transport between airports and the Heart Trucks. Once you confirm your availability for a clinic our dedicated team of professionals will handle all the necessary paperwork, make contact with and book your patients in as well as arrange all the logistics so you can just pack a bag, grab your stethoscope and head to the airport. Everything else is sorted for you. Your clinic will be booked, set-up and ready for you when you arrive.

Q. How often do you visit each town?

This varies from town to town based on the size of the population and the demand for services, but on average, we visit towns once a month as part of a fixed route. You can check out our route maps and timetables here.

Q. Do I visit the same towns each time?

Mostly yes. In order to have continued patient care and follow up our specialists do service the same towns when they conduct clinics for Heart of Australia. Our Specialists are warmly welcomed into the towns we service and become a very valued and appreciated service provider for the communities. Having specialists regularly visit towns is fabulous for patient continuity of care.

Q. I’m interested. What’s my next step?

Great. Please email veronica@heartofaustralia.com with your details and she will be in contact shortly.