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Patient Letter: Thanks to ‘Heart of Australia’ and Professor Darren Walters

Posted on 21st September 2021

Charles Burcher is back on his farm 68kms North/West of Goondiwindi checking this year’s wheat crop for mice damage!

Charles saw Professor Walters due to shortness of breath on exercise, some pain at times in his back behind his shoulder blades and increasing pain in the right side of his neck and right shoulder causing right arm weakness, thought to be from a pinched nerve in his neck. Charles also experienced long-standing pain in his legs with walking. After going to St Vincent’s Hospital in Brisbane in June and having an angioplasty and stent done to his main coronary artery down the front of his heart by Professor Walters, Charles is a new man! The bad pain in the right side of his neck and shoulder was improved within days after the procedure and he was able to use his arm which was limited previously by the pain. Charles’s leg pains have also improved. Looking back, he realises he was experiencing back pain in the months prior to seeing ‘Heart of Australia’ but as he did not have chest pain did not realise this pain could be related to his heart.

Having specialist consultations by “Heart of Australia’ in country towns means that people like Charles can seek specialist treatment and follow up after procedures readily instead of having to go to the city for these services.

Many thanks to ‘Heart of Australia’ and Professor Walters for improving my father’s health! There is no doubt that my father would not be enjoying the health he now has without your valuable service.

Written by Denise Burcher (daughter)

Celebrate with Heart of Australia at our Gala

Posted on 9th September 2021

Two years in the making, Heart of Australia’s Gala is finally set to return.

The annual gala unites the city and country, as specialists, operations team, medical aides, bookings team members, and supporters, celebrate with dancing and dining.

Held on the September 18th at the Royal Brisbane International Convention Centre, take a tour of our trucks, dine and dance as we celebrate the past two years.

Founder Dr Rolf Gomes says the event to people and team that are usually separated by thousands of kilometres.

“The Gala is always a highlight of our year,” Dr Gomes says.

“It’s a chance to thank our team, our sponsors and supporters and I’m looking forward to making announcements on how Heart of Australia plans to help more people in the near future.”

Our Keynote speaker for the Gala will be Senator Susan McDonald, Special Envoy for Northern Australia.

Senator McDonald has deep ties to regional QLD, born in Cloncurry, a town which we service, her family has a nearly two centuries long history in QLD agribusiness.

Her family is huge part of QLD’s cattle industry, with over 14 properties, where she has a young girl learnt how to work out in the fields and the value of our regions.

In her Maiden Speech to Parliament, Senator McDonald described regional, rural and remote Australia as “the heart and the soul” of our nation.

She is passionate about ensuring country Australia receives the same opportunities as our metro areas and we are looking forward to hearing her speak at this year’s Gala.

By the numbers – What’s there to celebrate?

Our seventh year on the road has seen HOA launch its HEART 4 truck and expand the Northern route to include more towns, including Sarina, Proserpine and Ayr.

That increase in service coverage has allowed us to have made more than 4000 bookings since the start of the year, have clinics in 32 towns and save our patients from travelling over 2 million kilometres.

The kilometres we’ve saved our patients in travelling to get to their nearest specialist clinic is equivalent to; Traveling around Australia 170 times; Circumnavigating the globe 60.73 times; Or travelling to the moon and back 3 times!

We’ve also added more doctors to the fold, with Dr Johannes Moolman, being our most recent addition.

Based in the Ipswich Cardiac Centre and a consultant cardiologist at Ipswich General Hospital, Dr Moolman, is bringing his expert medical care to our patients in Charleville.

In addition, we continued our NextGen Medics program. Providing students with the opportunity to travel with our Heart Trucks making contact with rural communities and learning about the services given in our custom-built road trains.

We hope to see you at our Gala on September 18. Tickets are $235, with the event starting at 6:30 pm in the Royal Brisbane International Convention Centre. Strictly black tie.
Pick up your ticket here.