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In case you missed it …

Posted on 25th April 2017


It’s well worth clicking on to the latest interview with Heart of Australia founder, Dr Rolf Gomes, this one on an interesting podcast and blog site named onthewards.

Thanks to Dr James Edwards, CEO and Founder of onthewards, for his interest in Dr Rolf’s vision and absolute commitment to the ground breaking Heart of Australia program.

Through onthewards, Dr Edwards delivers regular podcasts and blogs as part of providing a free and open access medical education website for medical students and junior doctors.

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Seriously, these girls are all heart

Posted on 19th April 2017

Event Photo

This month “Girls Got Heart” launched details for a planned epic pedalling marathon – sparked by a meeting with our founder Dr Rolf Gomes.

The plan is for “Thirty Girls” to pedal for three days on open roads to cover 415km as a fundraiser under the banner “Heart of Uralla”.

Organisers Rebecca East and Keely Mancini say the plan is to inaugurate a hopefully annual event raising money to, as they put it: “provide rural Queensland communities with critically-needed services for heart health”.

Rebecca and Keely met Dr Rolf last year at the outstanding Meandarra “Heart Health Day” and were inspired by the Heart of Australia vision and “the generosity of the rural community, the spirit, the hope and drive they all have for one another”.

They say “we are both athletes and know the importance of exercising your heart and keeping fit. We thought we would combine our love of cycling with our love of good friends and family in the rural community and start a charity bike ride to the bush”.

The ride is to start on Exhibition People’s Day in Brisbane on the August 16 and continue over 3 days to arrive at the magnificent “Uralla” property in Meandarra.

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