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Meet the publisher – The Driver

Posted on 20th June 2016

The DriverEntrepreneur of the Year Photographer and TEDx Speaker Alice Mabin is releasing her international bestseller follow-up “The Driver” Trucking Journey book featuring every territory in Australia and New Zealand on July 1st 2016.

The Driver, self-published by Alice documents the reality of the daily grind for 110 different trucking companies and drivers with stunning images featuring every state and territory in Australia and New Zealand. This is the never before-seen real life tale of the captivating lives of truck drivers.

“It was important to me that the stalwart cooperation of the truckies, their families, and the trucking companies were respected and represented fully. This is why it was so vital to feature each state and territory across Australia and New Zealand,” asserted the author, Alice Mabin. “I absorbed so much on this legendary journey. I learned how to drive a road train, change tyres, fix fuel leaks, tie down freight, and to cook on the side of the road”.

Al, who also has a drone license spent time with the Heart of Australia truck and documented its travels throughout outback Queensland which features in the book. IOR Petroleum is a proud supporter of Al’s work providing fuel for her Australian journey and is also a key sponsor of the Heart of Australia program.

Last year, Alice Mabin was named Business Excellence Forum Awards, B.E.F.A. 2015 Asia-Pacific Female Entrepreneur of the Year. On the global honours front, her photographic work has won a Viewbug international photography award. Her career as a speaker and educator has seen her address TEDx forums.

To experience The Drive for yourself buy your copy at

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The Perfect Picture of Passionate

Posted on 20th June 2016


So, how many passionate people are out there?

Don’t try to an answer; it’s far too confusing. But throughout history, people of “passion” have emerged and do every day, to make their own and mostly under-the radar mark.

The Heart of Australia project was born of the passion of Dr Rolf Gomes to break the barriers of distance to deliver reliable specialist medical services to the bush in Queensland.

Along the way since it’s 2014 start, HoA has encountered so many individuals wanting to share that passion and we’d like to introduce Rob Buchan, from the Far Southwestern town of St George.

Rob’s family found its way from NSW to St George in 1948 and as very young men, Rob and his brother David started, in Rob’s words, “running all over Queensland following jobs” including up to Julia Creek, Richmond and Mt Isa.

They got a couple of breaks – salvaging kangaroo bones by the truckload to help fuel stockfeed manufacturers battling grain shortages, and as earthmoving contractors building dams and roads employing ex-military machinery sourced from the US.

Along the way, the Buchan Boys became cotton farmers and renowned house-movers because, Rob says, “we did the big house removals, 11-foot ceilings and such, that all the experts said couldn’t be done”.

At one time, when St George was without an undertaker, Rob stepped up to the job temporarily.

Now, at 74 and with triple bypass heart surgery behind him, Rob, who’s married to local GP Dr Desley Marshall, is thriving at the abiding passion in his life – helping people, the locals and streams of tourists to know St George, it’s surprising artistic “secrets” and its colourful history.

“All my life, I’ve just tried to contribute something,” he says, while admitting that “just about every day, I randomly talk to people in town, point out interesting things not on the tourist brochures and even take stray people on town tours”.

And Rob is passionate about the Heart of Australia project. He reckons what he calls “the heart bus” is too-long-overdue recognition that bush Australians “are Australians too”.

He made it his mission to help the service and managed to score the special HEART1 registration plates for the Heart of Australia semi-trailer.

In Rob’s words: “The smaller the community, the bigger the heart”.

– story by Peter MacDonald.

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