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Bayer Media Road Trip

Posted on 25th November 2015

Bayer media road trip

One of our key partners Bayer recently organised a media road-trip to enable key journalists to experience Heart of Australia and witness first-hand the benefits it provides to remote and rural Australians.

A group of journalists representing medical, pharmacy, rural, health industry and local publications travelled to Goondiwindi to meet with Dr Rolf Gomes, Dr Mathew Pincus, Stef Purcell and Chris Wilson where they had the opportunity to ask plenty of questions and received a personalised tour of the clinic. They also met with Mayor Graeme Scheu and local doctors and patients to ask their view on the clinic and what it means for the local people of Goondiwindi.

The journalists were amazed at the size of the clinic and the state-of-the-art medical equipment as well as the passion of the people involved. Paul Cross from the PharmaDispatch publication commented “the experience was incredibly valuable as an opportunity to see firsthand how Bayer’s support for Heart of Australia is benefiting regional communities in Queensland. It was great to meet Dr Rolf Gomes and his team and see the mobile clinic in operation in Goondiwindi”.

Nelson Ambrogio, General Manager of Bayer Pharmaceuticals commented “We were delighted to organise this event and help showcase the fantastic work that Heart of Australia does. Services like Heart of Australia are working to help close the treatment gap between rural and metropolitan communities and reach those most in need, which is why Bayer is proud to be supporting them.

“Bayer’s mission is to utilise science to create better lives for people, plants and animals and our work not only addresses the health needs of Australians, but also supports our agricultural industries and the welfare of animals both large and small. We are partners to many of the farmers across our regional communities and we see firsthand the challenges that they face. We’re committed to our community, which is why we decided to support Dr Gomes’ vision even before the clinic was built and also why the company is committed in its continued involvement” said Mr Ambrogio.

Resulting media coverage from the road-trip has started to appear with plenty more due soon.

The continuing thirst for knowledge

Posted on 24th November 2015

an update on coronary artery medicine from Dr Matthew Pincus

The Heart of Australia General Practitioner education program, sponsored by key supporter, Bayer, just keeps ramping up!

Through November, the numbers of practitioners joining the program continued to climb after a November 6 presentation by Dr. Damian Roper on stress echocardiography in Longreach – with doctors from the local hospital and medical practices, including from Barcaldine and from further afield as doctors dialled in to follow the presentation.

The Heart of Australia General Practitioner education program

Then, on November 13, six doctors from the local medical centre plus strong supporter of the Heart of Australia program, Dr Desley Marshall, got together at the Jolly Swagman Motel in Goondiwindi for an update on coronary artery medicine from Dr Matthew Pincus.

The strong turnout continued on November 18 in Roma with doctors from Roma Hospital (as well as nurses from the hospital’s cardiac services unit), the Maranoa Medical Centre and Roma Clinic arrived at the Starlight Motor Inn to hear from cardiac rhythm specialist, Dr Robert Perel. Thanks, too, to Menarini for supporting the evening.